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Stand Up Pouch Packaging:3 Things You Have

stand up pouch

What is Stand Up pouch packaging ? Simply,it’s bag that has the ability to stand on its own.

Nowadays, stand up pouch is widly use in varity of lines,such as pet food packaging ,coffee packaging ,powder packaging or any other items that have the requirment of air tigh.

About the material ,we would like to spreate into 3 parts.

In the OUTER LAYER ,we suggest PET Material.

It has those advantages as below:①Good transparency.②The best toughness of all thermoplastic materials.③Heat and cold resistance, good corrosion resistance.

But it also has some advantage:①Moderate moisture resistance.②Easy to take the electrostatic.

In the MIDDLE LAYER,we suggest nylon,AL,VMPET,KRAFT PAPER for stand up pouch packaging.

(AL)Aluminum Foil – an aluminum foil layer barrier keeps your product fresh for approximately 20 months, compared to 13 months when metalized (VMPET) barrier film is used. Aluminum foil film has a much higher end appearance and offers better protection.KX PACK uses only aluminum foil to line our bags, never metalized.
(NL)NYLON – Soft, strong, folding resistance, good barrier properties, widly used in vacuum packaging.

The INNER layer

The inner layer is extremely important, especially when using them for food packaging. The inner lining is the material that comes into direct contact with your product. The most common material used for stand up pouches are CPP&PE materials.

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