Food packaging film

Provide effective moisture, oxygen and grease barriers with our high performance food packaging films. Customizable strength, thickness and permeability. Suitable for various food applications. Maintain product freshness and quality.

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  • Cup Sealing Film

    Cup Sealing Film (22)

  • 2021 Hot Selling food packaging film roll Gif

    2021 Hot Selling food packaging film roll Packaging Products Partners: Product Description Material PET/PET …. Size customizable Printing up to 12 colors Property Anti fog,degradable, odourless/scentlessnon-toxic,tasteless,no leakage,moistureproof performance is excellent,not easy ageing, etc Grade SGS Approved Application Widely used in bakery and beverages industries, such as bread, cake, mousse, sugar, candy, snack, sushi, drinks,etc Logo custom design Thickness customizable Style functional bag…

  • Amazing Custom Printed Roll Film Laminated Mi

    Partners Our Service Product Description Accept Customized Order Product Ranges Milk Packaging Film, Food Packaging Film,plastic film for food packaging,Shopping Bags, Milk Powder Bags, Bakery Packaging, Paper Bags, Plastic Bag, Frozen Food Packaging, Pet Food Packaging,Zip Bags, Standup Pouch, Cup Sealing Film, Tray and Container etc. Producing Process 1.Material 2.Printing; 3.Laminating; 4.Separating and Cutting;…

  • Cup Sealing Film Food Grade PP/PE/PET Bubble

    Cup Sealing Film Food Grade PP/PE/PET Bubble Tea Packing Film Partners: Product Description: Food Grade PP/PE/PET Bubble Tea Packing Film Cup Sealing Film Item Plastic Cup Sealing Films Printing Gravure Printing (up to 12 colors pringting) Material PET/AL/PE; PET/VMPET/ PE; According to customer’s demand Size customized size Packaging Carton / pallet Free Sample Available Artwork file AI/PDF/CRD, at least 300 dpi resolution…

  • Custom cup sealing film Printed Heat Seal Mi

    Custom cup sealing film Printed Heat Seal Milktea Easy Tear Paper Film View More Custom cup sealing film Product Display Custom cup sealing film Custom cup sealing film Buyer Feedback Custom cup sealing film Packaging & Shipping Company Information Partners Kaixuan Packaging, a manufactory focus on packaging over 20 years, expecially in color printing, blister…

  • Custom food packaging film Printed Plastic BO

    Custom food packaging film Product Description: Custom Food Packaging Laminated Roll Film Printed Plastic BOPP PET Food Packagings Materials Film Roll Food Food Packing Item Plastic Packaging Roll Film Printing Gravure Printing (up to 12 colors pringting) Material PET/AL/PE; PET/VMPET/ PE; According to customer’s demand Size customized size Packaging Carton / pallet Free Sample Available Artwork file AI/PDF/CRD, at least 300 dpi…

  • Custom Laminated Roll Film Printed Plastic Hi

    Laminated Roll Film: Custom Printed Plastic High Transparent Snack Food Packaging Films Rolls Partner Product Description Custom Design Plastic Snack Food Packaging Film Roll Accept customized order, according to your request ( size, thickness, material, order qty, logo and color design) !!! Custom Laminated Roll Film Packaging Packaging styles Film rolls, Cup film, toast bread bag, Sandwich…


Why Choose Kai Xuan Packaging

At Kai Xuan Packaging, we deeply understand that every delicious creation deserves the most exquisite presentation. As your trusted packaging partner, we focus on providing high-quality, innovative designs for food packaging bags and films. From coffee bags to pet food pouches, and from frozen bags to spout pouches, we offer a comprehensive range of food packaging solutions to ensure your products receive optimal care in terms of both appearance and freshness.

Built on food-grade raw materials, we guarantee that each product meets the highest safety standards. What sets us apart is not only the quality of our products but also our pride in customized services. We embrace personalized requests, tailoring unique packaging solutions for you and providing professional packaging advice.

Your products deserve the best packaging. Join Kai Xuan Packaging, and let’s together create a remarkable image for your brand and products.

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Shantou Kaixuan Packaging Co., Ltd.

Direct manufactory focus on packaging for over 20 years, especially in color printing, blistering and bag making.

Integrated in design, production and sales

Kaixuan factory covers an area of 200000m², equipped with a 100000 level dust-free workshop, 300m/min 12 color high-speed gravure printing machine, automatic high-speed blister machine with German technology , eight side sealing bag making machine and other high-standard bag making equipment.

No Benzene No Ketone Ink

Meanwhile, we are using benzene free and ketone free ink and other eco-friendly materials. Your daily capacity could reach 150 tons, absolutely meet your needs in Safe, efficient and healthy.

What are Product Solutions

Food Packaging Film

Food Packaging Bag

Food Mylar Packaging Bag

Sealing Film

Piping bag

Spout Pouch

How to Control Quality

  1. Material Selection – “Our quality control process for Food Packaging Film and Food Packaging Bags starts at the very beginning – with material selection. We only choose high-grade, food-safe components that actively contribute to the freshness and integrity of your food products.”
  2. Quality Testing – “Once the materials have been sourced, they undergo a thorough testing phase. This is done to ascertain they meet or exceed all international safety and quality standards. We follow a strict policy of testing every single batch, without exceptions.”
  3. Manufacturing Oversight – “Finally, during the manufacturing process, we exercise diligent and continuous monitoring. Any slight deviations in quality are identified and corrected immediately. This close oversight ensures consistent excellence across all our food packaging products.”

What They Said

Unbeatable customization options and stellar customer service! Kaixuan has truly exceeded our expectations with their bespoke solutions..
John S.
VP of Supply Chain
Unbeatable customization options and stellar customer service! Kaixuan has truly exceeded our expectations with their bespoke solutions.
Robert K.
Procurement Manager
Impressively fast turnaround and top-quality products. Kaixuan is our go-to choice when it comes to food packaging.
Director of Operations

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absolutely meet your needs in Safe, efficient and healthy.


Food Packaging Solutions for Diverse Industries

In the intricate realm of packaging solutions, the choice of materials is paramount for achieving optimal functionality, safety, and shelf-life extension. Tailoring our expertise to various industries, we present cutting-edge packaging solutions for Spout Pouches, Stand-Up Pouches, Coffee Packaging, Retort Packaging, Chicken Packaging, Pet Food Packaging, and Packaging Roll Films.

For Spout Pouches:
Elevate convenience and functionality with our Spout Pouches, meticulously designed for seamless pouring and secure closure. High-barrier films ensure the preservation of freshness, while customizable options allow for brand storytelling through vivid graphics and holographic features.

For Stand-Up Pouches:
Our Stand-Up Pouches combine shelf appeal with practicality. Crafted from top-tier materials, they maintain structural integrity, provide excellent clarity, and offer a versatile canvas for captivating designs. These pouches are ideal for various applications, from snacks to premium coffee blends.

For Coffee Packaging:
Preserve the essence of your coffee with our specialized Coffee Packaging. High-barrier films and precise temperature ratings ensure the longevity of flavor profiles. Our state-of-the-art printing capabilities bring your brand to life, enhancing the visual impact on the competitive coffee market.

For Retort Packaging:
Navigating the challenges of heat processing, our Retort Packaging solutions guarantee product safety and quality. The films withstand the rigors of pasteurization and retort processes, ensuring your packaged goods maintain their integrity and taste.

For Chicken Packaging:
Ensuring the freshness and safety of poultry products, our Chicken Packaging solutions incorporate high-barrier films that prevent oxygen permeation and minimize the risk of contamination. The packaging adheres tightly, preserving juices and extending shelf life.

For Pet Food Packaging:
Prioritize the well-being of your furry companions with our Pet Food Packaging. Our films are chosen for their breathability, moisture resistance, and specialized barriers to maintain nutritional integrity. Customizable prints and anti-counterfeiting features further reinforce product authenticity.

For Packaging Roll Films:
Unleash the power of versatility with our Packaging Roll Films. Whether for flexible pouches or diverse applications, these films offer a balance of functionality and aesthetics. Rigorous quality control measures ensure reliability across various packaging formats.

In the dynamic landscape of packaging, our commitment to innovation, safety, and customization shines through. Partner with us for a tailored approach to Spout Pouches, Stand-Up Pouches, Coffee Packaging, Retort Packaging, Chicken Packaging, Pet Food Packaging, and Packaging Roll Films – where excellence meets versatility in every package.


Q1: What types of food packaging do you offer?

A1: As a packaging manufacturer with over 20 years of expertise, We provide customized packaging bags (such as coffee bags, freezer bags, stand up pouch, spout pouch, piping bags) and packaging films (such as sealing film, potato chip film, candy film, water packaging film).

Q2: Do you provide the printing service?

A2: Yes, and we also provide the free design service too.

Q3: Does your packaging comply with international food safety regulations?

A3: Absolutely. All of our packaging are manufactured from FDA and EU-approved food-grade materials free of hazardous chemicals. We comply with all legal requirements to ensure suitability for direct food contact globally.

Q4: How can you ensure my products stay fresh during shipping??

A4: Our experienced team can recommend high-performance films tailored specifically to your food product and distribution needs. With customized barriers and packaging solutions, we guarantee your products arrive safely to market with quality preserved.



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