4 Functions of Food Inner Packaging

4 Functions of Food Inner Packaging

Food packaging originated from the need for human beings to store food for continued survival.
When human society develops to commodity exchange and trade activities, food packaging gradually becomes an integral part of food and plays an increasingly important role.

Food Inner Packaging

Food Packaging (Food Packaging) refers to: the use of suitable
Appropriate packaging materials, containers and packaging technology, packaging food
Wrap to keep food in place during transport and storage
Its value and original condition.

Without food inner packaging, there would be no modern food industry.

There are two main factors that may cause damage to food:
One is natural factors, including light, oxygen, temperature and humidity
Moisture, microorganisms, insects, dust, etc. may cause food
Oxidation, discoloration, spoilage and pollution of products;
The second is human factors, including shock, vibration, drop, bearing
pressure load, man-made theft and pollution, etc., can cause changes in the contents
shape, damage and deterioration.

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Functions to Food Inner Packaging

The first function of food inner packaging is to protect food.

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The second major function is convenient storage and transportation.
It is convenient for handling and loading and unloading in the process of production, logistics and sales,
Storage, display and sales, but also convenient for consumers to carry, access and consume.

The third major function is to promote sales.
Exquisite food inner packaging can improve the competitiveness of food products,
Increase consumers’ desire to buy and promote sales.

The fourth function is to increase value.
Food can be protected from various damages through inner packaging, reduce or lose their original value.

At the same time, by packaging, it can enhance the sense of product value, enhance brand value and enterprise image.


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