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Composite Film-Food Packaging Another Leap

Composite Film-Food Packaging Another Leap

There are many kinds of packaging materials, but there are great differences in performance.
Although it has many excellent properties, can be used in a certain range, but a single material can not have all the properties of packaging materials, can not meet the overall requirements of food packaging.

composite film
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Therefore, according to the different purpose of use, the different packaging materials are combined to make it have a variety of comprehensive packaging performance, composite packaging materials are thus produced.
Composite film packaging material refers to two or more layers of different kinds of flexible materials, through a certain combination of technology.
“Structured” multilayer materials. The composite substrates are plastic film, aluminum foil and paper.
Composite packaging film, has become the most important category of food packaging materials, is the development direction of food packaging.

Composite film has two advantages incomparable to single film:

  1. Good comprehensive packaging performance.

Composite film, which combines all the single film properties that make up composite materials,

With high barrier, high strength, good heat sealing, high resistance

Temperature and packing operation adaptability.

  1. Good health and safety performance.

The printing layer can be placed in the middle, with non-polluting contents and protection

Protect the role of printing decorative layer.

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The structural requirements of composite film for food inner packaging:

  1. Inner layer requirements: non-toxic, tasteless, oil resistance, chemical resistance
    Good, with heat sealing or adhesion. Commonly used inner layer has PE,
    CPP, EVA, ionic polymer and other thermoplastics.
  2. Outer requirements: good optical properties, good printability, wear and heat resistance, with strength and rigidity. The commonly used outer layer is PA, PET, BOPP, PC, aluminum foil and paper.
  3. Intermediate layer requirements: with high barrier (Yang xiang, anti
    Damp and shade), among which aluminum foil and PVDC are the most commonly used products
    Kind of.

The representation of composite film:

From left to right are the outer layer, middle layer and inner layer materials,
For example: paper /PE/AL/PE, outer layer provides printing performance, medium
The intermediate PE layer acts as a bond, and the intermediate AL provides barrier and stiffness
Degree, inner PE provides heat sealing performance.

composite film
composite film 17

How to customize good recycle composite film with us?

composite film
composite film 18

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