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6 Guidelines For Select Cat Food Packaging

The cat is no stranger to us, the cat has now become a member of most of the family, and the status is gradually improving, people for pets to eat, with high requirements, first of all, we will think of Cat Food Packaging, cat food storage is very important businesses will give cat food to choose a suitable packaging, the following kxpack take you to see the cat food packaging bag how to choose? What are the characteristics of cat food packaging bags?

By Material

1.Aluminum Foil Packaging Is The Best Choice.

People who have kept pets should know that both cat food and dog food should minimize direct contact with the sun if prolonged contact with the sun will cause it to deteriorate; Also do not put it in a cool place, put a period of time will spoil and mold, so use cat food Aluminum foil packaging is the best choice.

Aluminum foil packaging bag has good barrier. Block air, block sunlight, block oil, block water, almost all substances can not penetrate; Aluminum foil packaging bag has good air tightness; Aluminum foil packaging has excellent shading, but also has good oil resistance and softness.

Cat Food Packaging
Cat Food Packaging 9

By Type

In terms of bag type, the three-sided sealing bag is the simplest and most common. With good air tightness, moisture and sealing performance is excellent; High barrier degree, oxygen permeability  is very low; Strong ability to prevent moisture mildew. 
Bag making is simple, cost-effective, and often used for small-size Cat Food Packaging.
Cat Food Packaging
Cat Food Packaging 10
The four-sided sealing bag has high adaptability and stability. The four-side sealing bag 
is a cube after packaging products, the packaging effect is good, can be used for food preservation,and is suitable for multiple recycling; Using the new printing process, can highlight the packaging pattern and trademark, and the visual effect is outstanding. Four side sealing bags can withstand cooking, is moisture-proof, good vacuum effect.
Cat Food Packaging
Cat Food Packaging 11
Babianfeng is the most common bag type for pet snacks. It can stand stably, which is conducive to shelf display. There are eight printing pages, and the product information display is more complete, which can let customers understand the product. Unique appearance, beware of counterfeit, easy to identify consumers, conducive to brand establishment. The flat-bottom eight-sided sealed bag has large capacity and strong load-bearing capacity. It is suitable for the packaging of products with large weight and volume. Large pet snacks usually come in eight-sided packaging.
Cat Food Packaging
Cat Food Packaging 12
Self-supporting packaging bag has excellent sealing and strength of composite materials, 
is not easy to break and leak, has light weight, less material consumption, easy to transport and other advantages. Stand - stand bags are used in the packaging of pet snacks, which can be more convenient to display on the shelf.
Cat Food Packaging
Cat Food Packaging 13
As we all know, pet snacks are mostly used for cute small animals such as cats and dogs. Therefore, food packaging bags can be designed into the cartoon shape of pets to increase the interest, so that consumers can associate with their pets and establish emotional connection with consumers.
Cat Food Packaging
Cat Food Packaging 14
In addition, the common specifications of pet food packaging are 500g, 1.5kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 
10kg, etc. Small size packaging is ready to eat, safer and healthier, but the unit price is higher. 
Therefore, large size pet food is more popular in the market. However, it is difficult to use up the large bag of cat food in a short time after opening, so it involves the cat food storage problem. Cat food is prone to nutrient loss, spoilage, moisture and other problems if not stored properly. Therefore, the bags are usually equipped with zippers, which can be re-opened, more 
convenient and sanitary.
Cat Food Packaging
Cat Food Packaging 15
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